James Perry - Coaching Director

As head coach for the new PRE ACADEMY NW Zone 2 centre across both Foundation and Development phase sessions, I look forward to refining the standards and capabilities of each player, suited to their own individual needs and requirements, towards broadening their overall in game knowledge, understanding and self willingness to enable the player to excel theirselves within a grassroots and elite environment.

An FA Licenced Coach & Scout associated to a North West based Premier League football club academy, my progressive level of grassroots and elite level experience and understanding of the correlation between the two, has continually been complimented by a coaching development journey which also includes the FA Youth Award Module Three (therefore close to completion of the Full FA Youth Award), Futsal accredited, FA Goalkeeping and Talent Identification certifications also to a high level and standard.

My philosophy and methodology in both capacities (coaching or performance analyst), towards football development across all ages and levels, are particularly holistic in terms of promoting a positive, pro-active approach towards developing the principles of play through intelligence, creative thinking and willingness in fulfilling that sense of belonging, responsibility and ultimately enjoyment to each player's own individual and collective contribution to the game.

The above attributes briefly described, I personally believe strike a cordial balance within
'The 4 Corner Model' which the FA's modern coaching DNA is structured around, ensuring all of the corners, Technical, Physical, Psychology and Social development outcomes are met accordingly to the greatest possible effect. Yet in the process allowing scope for flexibility within relevant to the player, as opposed to a 'one size fits all' mindset, and really in turn as a result provide the suitable environment to truly take the player's overall game to the next level, and possibly highest level.