The Pre Academy's approach to learning is insightful, personalised and deeply enjoyable and is available for individuals who are looking for a dedicated support programme to ACHIEVE their GOALS

    1. At each development centre players engage in meaningful learning through game-based activities.
  1. Players solve 'real' football problems via specially adapted and conditioned games.
  2. Players are exposed to the learning process in a safe environment that fosters deep knowledge, lateral thinking, communication and commitment, resulting in the ability to transfer knowledge and problem solve.
  3. Character and personality development underpin the centre's objectives to evolve the person and player combining desire with emotional intelligence 


The Pre Academy:

  1. Coaches/educates the whole child
  2. Provides a personalised learning environment
  3. Nurtures each child's creativity
  4. Values individual learning styles and techniques
  5. Develops players' 5 C's in line with the 'PNA DNA curricular objectives'
  6. Prepares players for the future game

Football players at the Pre Academy develop a passion for learning. A safe and supportive environment fosters the character development of each child. Our creative coaching methods encourage players to be inquisitive and develop a deeper understanding of the learning process. The Pre Academy empowers children with insight, knowledge and the skills necessary to be successful in 21st century football, therefore setting the foundation for individual accountability, creative and resourceful skills sets to last a lifetime

'Creating light bulb moments for every player.'