R Vartain
Ross Vartain - Off The Wall Soccer, California

'The Pre Academy methodology gives me everything I need to run a training program focused on long-term player development.  The design of the program intersects scientific research on skill development with the knowledge and experience of a veteran English Premier League academy coach.

Ultimately, it is the brain of the athlete which is developed by the Pre Academy. The Skills Cycle fully engages the soccer brain in order to develop a player's instinct and decision making ability. The games replicate match-like scenarios and maximize each player's direct involvement. Most importantly, the players love it. The games are fun and dynamic, and challenge them at just the right level. The players in my program come back season after season because they love being in an environment that encourages learning and growth.'

Ross Vartain, Coach
Director of Youth Development
The Pre Academy at OFF THE WALL SOCCER


'I would like to say how beneficial the recent football intervention programme with The Pre Academy we have been running in school is proving to be.  We selected a group of 11 boys who have at times throughout the year found school life challenging.  They have struggled with behaviour and self discipline and we thought we could help them by trying a different tactic as they all share a love of football.

The coach has been doing weekly training sessions where we not only look at skills, but also diet and discipline.  Mentoring the boys in this manner is helping them to analyse where they are making mistakes and how they can avoid the same mistakes in the future.  The goal is that the boys can apply the discipline and the ability to follow instructions into both their school life and everyday life.  They are learning about making correct choices and also strategies for dealing with things when they don’t go their way.  A number of the boys have never had the opportunity to play in grassroots teams in the past, so to be taught by a professional coach has really helped their self esteem as well as improving their football skills.

I have been delighted with the positive response from the boys involved.  It has given them a goal to aim for and they are always really looking forward to the next session.  Their discipline and engagement have been outstanding and it is hard to imagine that they have struggled to behave off the pitch!  Whilst the intervention programme is not a magic wand which will transform behaviour overnight, it is certainly having a positive impact on the boys in and around school.

I would recommend this kind of programme to any pastoral staff looking at different strategies for managing the behaviour of boys in school when all other sanctions and rewards seem to be exhausted and have found The Pre Academy to be professional and flexible in fitting in with the school day and timetable.  In addition to this the coaches have their full DBS certificates in line with the school safeguarding policy.'

Mrs L Stokes
Parrenthorn High School, Manchester