Session at NW3_2Mick and Tom - Pre Academy NWZone3

Tom and I chose to start our football development careers via a franchise; exploring numerous businesses and franchise models, both large and small. Having met with the Pre Academy team it soon became evident that there was only one model to go with. Pre Academy’s whole philosophy strongly resonated with us and it was exactly what we had been searching for.

We chose the Pre Academy as it was less about the money/name and more about the development and passion for football for us as coaches - that was the deciding factor. The Pre Academy franchise is second to none, surpassing all expectations and far superior all the other franchises that we have researched.

The initial set up was incredible (e.g. marketing materials, kit and equipment) and well worth the cost involved. The team do an amazing job of updating our website, assisting with social media, producing marketing materials etc. leaving us to freely develop our franchise without feeling handcuffed (unlike many other models) and as long as we are representing the company with respect and maintaining the highest quality of coaching, we are given the freedom to grow however we see fit.

The Skills Cycle (coaching manual) is exceptional, with drills, exercises and games being of the best quality around (and to EPL academy standard). Sessions are both simple to learn and wholly effective, surpassing many of others that preach to be ‘special’.  The session plans are appropriate to all age groups, all skill levels, from novice to academy level, they are easily interchangeable and are adaptable to suit your particular requirements. Pre Academy also adhere to the EPPP (the Elite Player Performance Plan).

The on-going support and advice from the Pre Academy team is second to none, no question goes unanswered; any marketing materials that need producing at short notice are produced in a timely manner.

The company feels like one small family and that shows in the quality of the Pre Academy franchise model and the company itself. Without question, if you want to go down the franchise route for starting a football development business then Pre Academy is the one to choose. You will not be disappointed!

Mick Berardi

Tom Gavin