The Pre Academy was founded in 2013 as an independent football academy. We created a unique learning model and game-based curriculum - 'THE SKILLS CYCLE' Coaching Method which focuses on inquiry, deep learning and authentic experiences - serving as The Pre Academy's foundation. Since the Academy's establishment, it has grown to include partnerships in the UK, New York, Sydney, Alabama, Portland and California.

The founder of the Pre Academy has over 25 years’ experience in the field of football; club/academy strategy, leadership development, change management, talent development/management, high performance teams and organisational development.  Having worked and consulted at leading local and global clubs and academy's in the professional and private sector throughout the UK and internationally in the USA, Australia, Canada and across Europe. A highly skilled and qualified coach, strategist, team builder, a powerful facilitator and change agent. His passion is transformation and empowerment which he facilitates through individual and team coaching, team/coach/player development workshops, consulting assignments and organisation wide strategic change interventions.  

The Pre Academy has grown into a successful football learning company.  The founder holds the UEFA 'A' license as well as the latest age-specific FA Advanced Youth Award; has worked for Manchester United, Manchester City and Blackburn Rovers academy's, written numerous articles, appears as a Master Coach on the FA Licensed Coaches website and has presented at conferences.


The knowledge and experience the Pre Academy pass on to our coaches is second to none and with football constantly evolving we ensure all our coaches are made aware of any new developments within the game thus ensuring all Pre Academy coaches are on top of their game....

Lee Gadsden USA